Trailer Trash by Scott T. Goudsward

Trailer Trash by Scott T. Goudsward

Trailer Trash by Scott T. GoudswardUntil the night his parents are murdered, Elvis Taggard's world doesn't extend far beyond the Starry Night Trailer Park. He never suspects there's a secret society of bloodsuckers lurking in the shadows of the main streets and back roads of modern-day America.

All that changes one fateful night come dinnertime after a sexy succubus satisfies her hunger by gorging on second helpings of the boy's momma and daddy. 

Elvis stakes her, then sets out to slay the rest of the children of the night, weaving a bloody path of destruction that stretches from southern mansions to trailer parks, from northeastern goth clubs to the set of a high budget Hollywood splatter movie. 

With the help of a lunatic millionaire and an Irish Vampire with a serious chip on his shoulder and a set of sharp canines in his mouth to match—Elvis might accomplish just that—unless the trio wind up killing one another before the vampires get there first.

Praise for Trailer Trash:

Trailer Trash is one hell of a vampire novel. It moves faster than an Olympic sprinter with a pack of bloodsuckers in hot pursuit, and packs more story into its pages than many books twice its length. With its large scope, plentiful action, and engaging characters, Goudsward has delivered a definite winner.
—Jeff Strand, Bram Stoker Award finalist & author of Pressure

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